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Cybersecurity Making your business
more secure
Click Here 4Biz is an oficial reseller of Cybersecurity Solutions and partners with cybersecurity service providers to help companies improve their security and that of their clients.
Technology and Innovation Helping your
Company evolve
Click Here 4Biz is an oficial reseller of Digital Innovation solutions to help companies improve operations and services.


Helping to make your business more secure

How we do it

4Biz partners with top cybersecurity and tech companies to help them reach new potential clients that benefit from their products and services.

Official Partner


Continuously monitor your cybersecurity posture. See what a hacker sees and take control of third-party risk. [> More info <]


The leading cybersecurity questionnaire exchange and validation solution.
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N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner is a sophisticated Web Security Assessment solution for your web applications.
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Cyber Security Consulting Services

Our experts in cybersecurity can help your IT and Cybersecurity teams with services such as CISO as a Service, Cybersecurity as a service and help you create your own Director Plan. Our Awareness program can help your staff learn how to beware of possible phishing and social engineering schemes
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Technology and Innovation

Improve your operations and your client's user experience

4BIZ Business Development

Growing businesses

4BIZ Investments

From Start-ups to growing tech companies



Authentication systems, Biometric, voice, facial reading, call contrast.
Security authentication and multi-conference payments.
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Secure Messaging
and Archiving

Multi-device message and user management solution, including secure messaging and managing large volumes of messages using an API cloud platform.
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A.I. for
Finantial Services

A Fintech company dedicated to enable AI solutions to the Investment Industry
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Signaturit offers trust services that guarantee the legal security of all your digital transactions.
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Growing businesses.

We analyze, operate, and develop your business to penetrate new territories and markets, and we help expand and grow your business as well as your revenue in new territories.

We execute the implementation of your business and the complete development of a new commercial operation.

A simple and cost-effective strategy that does not require the great expense derived from an expensive local structure with human resources. 4Biz will represent you, the Vendor, competitively and effectively, delivering high-performing results.


From startups to growing tech companies.

We help procure investors for technological and non-technological companies. We help your start-up to grow and incorporate new investors that we identify and select jointly.

We also participate in the equity of technological start-ups.